Anne Craven

Taken from us 25 years ago after a 12 year battle with cancer, we miss you still. Anne was born in Scotland in 1929, married in 1957 to John Wesley Craven while he was stationed in England. Daughter, Christina Marie was born in 1958 followed by Son, John Howard in 1959 and Granddaughter, Elizabeth Anne Philpy in 1981. Your Great Granddaughters, Genevieve Anne and Anneliese Rosalyn would have lit up your heart. They are so beautiful. Our accomplishments over these last 25 years would have meant so much more to have been able to share them with you. We miss your sense of humor and your trout catching skills on our fishing trips to Taylor. We carry our love for you in our hearts and in our deeds. We figured out how to make the Yorkshire Pudding come out right at Christmas! You would be so pleased. I can see you smiling.

Published in The Gazette on July 26, 2013